We have appointed a board of advisors to advise and assist the Board and Company management in overseeing Company governance, compliance and operations. We have engaged as members of our Board and Advisory Board a diverse blend of individuals who possess a broad range of experience in business leadership, corporate governance, international relations, security services, government service and community involvement. We believe that this mix of backgrounds, skills and relationships will greatly benefit the Company and its stakeholders and constituents as operations expand within the U.S. and internationally. Our advisors are fully engaged and committed to active and responsible governance.

Gordon R. England


Council Chair - National Academy of Engineers

29th Deputy Secretary of Defense

72nd and 73rd Secretary of Navy

1st Deputy Secretary Department of Homeland Security

Tan Parker


State Representative, Texas House District 63

Oliver "Buck" Revell


Former Associate Deputy Director, FBI

Former Senior Executive, FBI

Former Special Agent, FBI

Nilo Castillo


Founder, CIS

Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence

Orien Tulp, Ph. D., MD, FACN, CNS


Professor Pharmacology

CEO, USAT Montserrat

Director, Mayfield Clinic

George Einstein, Ph.D., ScD HC


Professor, USAT Montserrat

Dean, Distinguished Professor

Einstein Medical Institute

Christopher Neville


Christopher supports several inspired scientists that are preparing to unleash a range of scientific breakthroughs by identifying opportunities for joint venture and collaboration. The main focus being longevity and regenerative medicine, and the emergence of exotic energy generation and pollution mitigation technologies. He has been pivotal, bringing innovation to market with key roles including; VP Asia Pacific, Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand and VP Product Development. Over the past decades he has had extensive travels throughout SE Asia and USA as a highly regarded speaker and presenter on holistic well-being. His understanding that physical and mental health are intrinsically linked to humanity's relationship to the environment, highlights the urgent need for massive attention to remedy plastic and hazardous pollution at all levels of society. He has established several strategic relationships with billion dollar level funding capacity for global scale projects.

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